Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Videos of Maggie at 7 & 8 Months Old

Maggie has been doing some fun things lately. I've been able to catch them on my phone, but they're so big that sharing them is difficult. So, here are some videos from the last little while:

It looks like Maggie likes sweet potatoes about as much as her daddy. She's thrown up twice and dry heaves a good bit while she's eating it.

Maggie likes the sound effects and the whipping stuff around

Chelsea just started wiggling her back and forth and she thought that was hilarious. She knows what my camera is for and calms down when she sees it.

Maggie is now playing peek a boo on her own. It took a little coaxing but you can see her eventually put the burp rag to her face and take it down.

Now, the best part! Maggie talks by saying different little things. We can keep her talking by repeating what she says. She gets excited and keeps talking. It seems like the easiest thing for her to say is "aba/ada". So I was repeating that back to her and she kept saying it. Then, I said "Dada" and she repeated. I tried it again and she repeated. So, I pulled out my phone and tried to get it on camera. Unfortunately, she gets excited when I film her so she didn't do it so good.

She also dances every time she says Dada now, which is awesome.