Friday, January 27, 2012

A Day With Maggie (on her 6 month birthday)

In my last post, I decided to tell you what Maggie is up to lately. In this post I'll show you a typical day at home with her, in pictures and videos. Enjoy:

After I feed her, she likes to play on the floor for a while.

Trying to grab the camera. She looks a lot like Joe as a baby in this picture.

Her awesome hair line from sleeping on her back and wispy skullet. Big Daddy (Joe's dad) has the same red birth mark.

Fuzzy new hair coming in and cuddling with mommy and her stuffed giraffe.

Playing airplane with mommy.

Hanging out with daddy, right after he fed her solids for the first time. She loved rice cereal!

Here is a link to some videos I took today of Maggie playing, waking up, laughing, hearing her name, tuning over, trying to crawl, not taking her nap, and eating rice cereal for the first time. She's pretty darn cute. Make sure to watch all 7 videos: